Kalos Episode Index

Pokemon XY Pokemon XY: Kalos Quest
No. Episode Name Garyland Description Rating
Season SeventeenPokemon the Series: XY
1701 Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin
1702 Lumiose City Pursuit
1703 A Battle of Aerial Mobility
1704 A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship
1705 A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle
1706 Battling on Thin Ice
1707 Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race
1708 Grooming Furfrou
1709 Clemont's Got a Secret
1710 Mega-Mega Meowth Madness
1711 The Bamboozling Forest
1712 To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler
1713 Kindergarten Chaos
1714 Seeking Shelter From the Storm
1715 An Appetite for Battle
1716 A Jolting Switcheroo
1717 A Rush of Ninja Wisdom
1718 Awakening the Sleeping Giant
1719 A Conspiracy to Conquer
1720 Breaking Titles at the Chateau Ash joins the French nobility and Viola catches jungle fever. StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1721 A PokeVision of Things to Come Serena resorts to Pokemon roleplaying to please her man, Team Rocket opens a movie studio, and Bonnie creates a video personal ad for Clemont. StaryuStaryuStaryu
1722 Going For the Gold Ash takes a field trip to the aquarium. StaryuStaryuStaryu
1723 Coming Back Into the Cold The gang goes to a museum. StaryuStaryu
n/a An Undersea Place to Call Home Ash and Serena go looking for the Titanic but Team Rocket beats them to it. StaryuStaryu
1724 Climbing the Walls Ash battles black Spider-Man for his second Kalos gym badge. StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1725 A Battle by Any Other Name Multiple girls fight for the right to have Ash sample their muffins and Pokemon decides to tackle the controversial topic of gang rape. StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1726 To Find A Fairy Flower The gang spends an entire episode looking for a flower and Team Rocket gets high. StaryuStaryu
1727 The Bonds of Evolution Professor Sycamore continues to shag his way across Kalos and Ash learns about Mega Evolution. StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1728 Heroes – Friends and Faux Alike Clemont joins Team Rocket and the villains get all meta. StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1729 Mega Revelations Cult leader Ash attracts yet another disciple to his coterie and Team Rocket auditions for Project Runway. StaryuStaryuStaryu
1730 The Cave of Trials Serena goes shopping for engagement rings and the gang interrupts Korrina’s grandfather’s gay weekend in the mountains. StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1731 The Aura Storm Ash and friends witness a gay marriage proposal and Korrina departs with the twerps on a new adventure. StaryuStaryuStaryu
1732 Calling From Beyond the Aura Clemont makes his move on Korrina and Team Rocket masters mecha evolution. StaryuStaryu
1733 The Bonds of Mega Evolution Everybody arranges flowers all episode; seriously. Staryu
1734 The Forest Champion Ash encounters an illegal immigrant and patriotically captures him. StaryuStaryuStaryu
1735 Battles In the Sky
1736 The Cave of Mirrors
1737 Forging Forest Friendships
1738 Summer of Discovery Professor Sycamore outs himself as a pedophile, and Serena becomes an internet sensation. StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1739 Day Three Blockbusters The gang enters a film festival, Clemont reveals his true feelings for Ash, and Serena resolves to become a beauty pageant queen. StaryuStaryuStaryu
1740 Foggy Pokemon Orienteering
1741 Battling Into the Hall of Fame
1742 Origins of Mega Evolution Ash conducts an aerobics workout and Korrina hosts a slumber party inside her homosexual grandfather’s phallus-shaped house. StaryuStaryuStaryu
1743 Showdown at the Shalour Gym Froakie gets demoted and Pikachu reminds Lucario who its daddy is. StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1744 Splitting Heirs
1745 The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos
1746 Dreaming a Performer’s Dream Serena attends her first showcase and enslaves an artistic panda bear. StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1747 A Campus Reunion
1748 Bonnie for the Defense
Season EighteenKalos Quest
1801 Pathways to Performance Partnering Serena meets an ugly rival and Jessie shakes what her mother gave her. StaryuStaryu
1802 When Light and Dark Collide Hawlucha joins the WWE and Jessie and James answer the call of the stage. StaryuStaryuStaryu
1803 A Stealthy Challenge Ash teams up with a ninja as stupid as he is, and Wobbuffet attacks! StaryuStaryuStaryu
1804 A Race for Home
1805 Facing the Grand Design
1806 A Slippery Encounter
1807 One for the Goomy
1808 Thawing an Icy Panic
1809 The Green, Green Grass Types of Home Ash gets a job as a landscaper and Froakie teaches us the importance of protecting against air-borne pathogens. StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1810 Under the Pledging Tree
1811 A Showcase Debut Judi Dench makes her Pokemon debut, Shauna gets a keyblade, and Serena apes Jennifer Aniston's Rachel haircut. StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1812 An Oasis of Hope The Vietnam War episode: Team Rocket props up an unpopular dictator Grumpig and Goomy's repeated flashbacks cause it to finally snap. StaryuStaryu
1813 The Future is Now, Thanks to Determination Clemont feels inadequate next to Ash and decides to run away. StaryuStaryuStaryu
1814 A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways! Jessie finds true love and Clemont tries to render the contents of Ash's brain in binary code. StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1815 Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile Serena solves her problems by going shopping, Ash gets blue-balled, and Jessie unleashes her inner dominatrix. . StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1816 Good Friends, Great Training Jessie has a bad hair day and Ash gets a sticky new toy. StaryuStaryuStaryu
1817 Confronting the Darkness Clemont is the victim of intellectual property theft and Clembot gets what he had coming to him. StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1818 The Moment of Lumiose Truth Ash demonstrates why nerds will always lose to dumb jocks. StaryuStaryuStaryuStaryu
1819 Garchomp's Mega Bond Professor Sycamore is still a giant pervert and Blaziken Mask recruits a partner. StaryuStaryuStaryu
1820 Defending the Homeland Goodra goes home and the writers try to murder us with boredom. Staryu
1821 Beyond the Rainbow … [shakes head, walks away]. Staryu
1822 So You're Having A Bad Day Meowth and Bonnie team up and Frogadier gets a load off. StaryuStaryu
1823 Scary Hospitality Serena gets some tongue action, Clemont disavows science, and Ash does math. staryustaryustaryustaryustaryu
1824 A Fashionable Battle Ash finds new love and Bonnie and Serena work the catwalk. staryustaryustaryustaryu
1825 Fairy-Type Trickery Ash shows the same contempt for fairies as Vladimir Putin's Russia. staryustaryustaryustaryu
Pokemon XY Pokemon XY: Kalos Quest
Ratings Explained
staryustaryustaryustaryustaryu The rare episode to get this rating is like Mary Poppins, "practically perfect in every way." If this episode were a song that came on shuffle, it would never be skipped. Truly a classic that deserves repeated watching.
staryustaryustaryustaryu A solid all-around good episode. Any quick tour through its particular season would definitely trace a route through this episode. Good, but not great. Memorable, but not truly classic.
staryustaryustaryu Average through and through. This episode is neither very good, nor very bad. Safe to skip if you want to only watch the greatest hits of each season, yet still worth watching if you have the time.
staryustaryu An episode that is just not that good. This episode is probably better skipped unless one is trying to be a completist about watching entire seasons.
staryu Awful. Don't watch this episode unless you are a masochist or unless you absolutely have to watch every episode of Pokemon for your website (the two basically go hand-in-hand).