Kanto Episode Index

No. Episode Name Garyland Description Rating
Season One
0101 Pokémon: I Choose You Ash meets his cool older nephew, enslaves a small yellow rodent, and gains a feisty ginger girlfriend. staryustaryustaryustaryu
0102 Pokemon Emergency Delia inadvertently reveals the identity of Ash's father, Gary Oak wins a million dollar bet, and the true stars of the anime are introduced. staryustaryustaryustaryustaryu
0103 Ash Catches A Pokemon Ash does what the title suggests two times over, Misty gets upset when Ash’s worm touches her, and Caterpie gets a hard-on. staryustaryustaryu
0104 Challenge of the Samurai Ash has the greatest Pokemon battle of all time. staryustaryustaryustaryu
0105 Showdown in Pewter City Ash befriends a drug dealer, ogles Misty, recruits a new disciple, and uses pity/luck to win his very first gym badge. staryustaryustaryustaryustaryu
0106 Clefairy and the Moon Stone Ash and friends meet a socially awkward scientist and James earns a Boulder Badge. staryustaryustaryu
0107 The Water Flowers of Cerulean City James comes out of the closet and then immediately tries to go back in, Brock gets weird, and Ash bumbles his way into yet another pity badge. staryustaryustaryustaryustaryu
0108 The Path to the Pokémon League The writers create a forgettable filler episode and enjoy the experience so much they decide to repeat the process several hundred more times. staryustaryu
0109 The School of Hard Knocks The gang goes back to school, Ash interrupts a frat hazing, and Pikachu feuds with a treadmill. staryustaryustaryustaryu
0110 Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village James butches it up with a sports reference, Brock is mentally scarred by interdimensional pirate kidnappers, and Ash and Misty dry hump. staryustaryustaryu
0111 Charmander – The Stray Pokémon Our heroes defeat the British Empire, Jessie is forced to endure an unflattering outfit, and Ash pulls a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. staryustaryustaryu
Ratings Explained
staryustaryustaryustaryustaryu The rare episode to get this rating is like Mary Poppins, "practically perfect in every way." If this episode were a song that came on shuffle, it would never be skipped. Truly a classic that deserves repeated watching.
staryustaryustaryustaryu A solid all-around good episode. Any quick tour through its particular season would definitely trace a route through this episode. Good, but not great. Memorable, but not truly classic.
staryustaryustaryu Average through and through. This episode is neither very good, nor very bad. Safe to skip if you want to only watch the greatest hits of each season, yet still worth watching if you have the time.
staryustaryu An episode that is just not that good. This episode is probably better skipped unless one is trying to be a completist about watching entire seasons.
staryu Awful. Don't watch this episode unless you are a masochist or unless you absolutely have to watch every episode of Pokemon for your website (the two basically go hand-in-hand).