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1820 Defending the Homeland

868 湿地帯の戦い!ヌメルゴン対フラージェス!! Battle in the Wetlands! Numelgon VS Florges!!

Wherein Goodra goes home and the writers try to murder us with boredom.

team rocket

 Yeah, so episodes that begin with Ash and company "taking a break" from their adventures and gathering around a camp table to eat are seldom a good sign. Destination: Fillerville, Population: Us.

cray bellsprout Is it just me, or is this Bellsprout seriously bugging out before he hops out of the truck? I don't know if this was just an animation error, or maybe he was smoking some of that stanky Gloom weed…

keanan sucks So, to recap, Keanan is the caretaker of the wetlands – yet he did nothing to stop an invasion by non-native Pokemon species. He also seems to know exactly what happened to Goomy/Goodra. Is he simply inept, or mayhaps he is in league with the wetland's invaders?

bug types Why does it always have to be Bug-types? Racists…

 Why is isolationist Keanan so intent on keeping Ash from aiding the Wetland Liberation Army? Methinks that much like Charles Lindbergh and Neville Chamberlain before him, Keanan will only embolden Florges Hitler with his appeasement and unwillingness to fight.

team rocket About time they showed up. This episode is really starting to smell…

lend/lease lend/lease lend/lease

 Good to see that Ash has taken a page a out of Franklin Roosevelt's book and has found a way to “lend/lease” Goodra to the cause of wetlands freedom despite Keanan's objections against interference. Take that Nazis!

popeye Today's Goodra ass-kicking was brought to you by the Popeye all-spinach diet…

evil rocket evil rocket
 Team Rocket is being delightfully evil today

security cameras The wetlands is ringed with security cameras? WTF?

two part two part two part
 Oh Christ, it's a two-parter…

Final thoughts: This episode sucked. It followed all of your basic filler tropes, compounded by a terrible character-of-the-day. For a good portion of the episode, it looked like Team Rocket wasn't even going to make an appearance. It's a shame because we were on such a roll too with decent episodes. And to add insult to injury, the writers in their infinite wisdom decide to stretch this boring-ass episode into a two-parter. Hopefully part two is better, because lord knows it can't get much worse.

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