Pokemon Battle Simulator Version 2.0

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This is a modified text-based role-playing game based on Pokemon for Nintendo Game Boy. The point of the game is to reduce the hit-points (HP) of your opponent's Pokemon using various attacks. Pokemon and attacks have types that effect each other in different ways. (Fire beats Grass; Water beats Fire; Grass beats Water; etc.) Pokemon can also be crippled by status effects (Sleep, Paralysis, Poisoning, etc.).

Follow the on-screen instructions and use the text box for input. Click the Enter button or press the Enter key to submit. During battle enter the name of a move to attack, or a Pokemon in your party to switch into battle.

Click the Reset button at any time to reset the game.

During battle click the Moves button to view your current Pokemon's attacks,

the Pokemon button to view your Pokemon and their current status,

and the Opponent button to see the enemy team.